A Wonderful Way to Honor Your Loved Ones


 Nancy Becker

The Original Ashes in Glass Artist

Remembrance Art Glass Memorials, individually hand-crafted by artist Nancy Becker, contain the cremation ashes of your loved one or beloved pet, allowing you to keep a small amount of ashes and scatter the rest.

These beautiful memorial pieces offer a unique celebration reflected through form, color and light. An alternative solution offering a way to hold your loved one in your hands which can be very helpful during the grieving process.

Each family member can have their own custom memorial as it takes a very small amount of the ashes for each piece.

Each order is treated with the utmost care and respect. Following strict tracking and production methods you can be assured that your loved ones remains will be safely returned to you.

I consider this work to be a service and an honor. Thank you for your trust.

Nancy Becker