Place an Order…

We appreciate the businesses that offer Remembrance Art Glass Memorials and ask that you contact the business nearest you to place an order. Here is a list of clients to contact:

Cascade Funeral Directors, Portland and surrounding areas, Oregon (503) 885-7800

Annie’s Healing Hearts, Prineville, Oregon (541) 408-6925

Legacy Designs, Springfield, Oregon (541) 913-2120

OR, if you are not near one of the businesses listed above,  click HERE to contact Nancy Becker and she will send you an order form.

Once you receive the order form, follow the directions below:

1. Look at the pieces and decide what you’d really like to have. Look at the Pendants and the Memorial pieces.

2. Choose pendants or scroll down to choose memorial pieces on the form.

3. Print the page and follow the directions. It is a personal process and I know it can be difficult. You may consider having a close friend handle the ashes for you.

4. PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY THE ORDER. Mail the order form, check or Paypal receipt, and a 1/2 tsp. of ash in a small ziploc bag to the address on the order form. Please send your order by the shipper of your choice with tracking.

I’d appreciate it if you would include a photo of your loved one. It’s a personal process for me, too.

Thank you,

Nancy Becker