Frequently Asked Questions

Who actually makes the Remembrance pieces? All of the Remembrances pieces are made by Artist Nancy Becker.

How should I send my loved ones ashes to you? Send the ashes in a small ziploc, labeled with your name along with the completed order form. Most people use UPS, FedEx or USPS with a tracking number. Complete instructions are in the order form.

How much cremated remains are needed for each Remembrance piece? Less than 1/2 a teaspoon is needed. All remaining ash will be returned with the order.

How did the idea for Ashes in Glass come to you? Ash is an ingredient used in making glass. I have been a glass maker forever (30 years) so it was a natural and original idea. I had recently lost a best friend (my dog, Sandy) when the idea came to me to include her ashes in a paperweight. This came from mixing many batches of glass from raw materials and soda ash is a component of many glass formulas. I now have a tangible and beautiful memorial (pictured at the top of this site) I can pick up and remember her beautiful spirit. I kept sharing the idea and eventually came to the business concept in 1995.

So can you incorporate ashes from pets as well as people in Remembrance pieces? Yes, of course. I have done this for my own family members.

Why do you ask for a photo? I consider this work to be a service and an honor. If it feels comfortable, I appreciate the photo of who I am working with. I have always been able to sense those beyond our physical realm. It’s a very joyful gift.

Will the cremated remains show up in the piece? Yes. The cremains look similar to white sea foam with swirling bubbles. Very Pretty.

How are Remembrance pieces made? My hot glass studio has an electric furnace that holds molten glass in a large crucible. My working temperature is 2135 degrees Fahrenheit. Before making a piece I review all of the details of the order. As I work I layer the colors requested and the ashes into the piece. The ashes are infused and completely encased in the glass. I have lost family and pets and I treat each order with the same respect and honor I would have for my family.

How long have you been doing these pieces? In the early ’80’s a friend and I were asked to incorporate someone’s ashes in some glass but it wasn’t until the early 90’s that I made my first Remembrance piece. I shared them with some friends and the idea grew from there.

These are made of glass. What happens if I should drop one? Glass is a pretty durable material in the round forms but it will not pass the concrete test. In other words, if you dropped one on a carpeted surface it would probably be fine but if you did happen to drop it on a hard surface it could have an impact mark or possibly break the piece. As these pieces are very special I have a solution should that happen. Keep all of the pieces of a broken memorial and we’ll discuss how to either a) polish what you have or b) create a new piece including some of the old piece into the new. When a piece has an impact mark but is not broken the impact mark can often be polished out. I must say, in all of the years that I have made these pieces I have only heard of one piece being broken. We are usually pretty careful with something that means a lot to us.

What do you burn in the Oil Candles? Liquid paraffin is the perfect material as it does not smoke or smell. The other substance would be a quality lamp oil. That’s it. Do not use any other substance in the candles. Always be aware that you have a flame burning and keep it from kids, pets and anything else!